What are the Temporary Parking Work?

A parking lot can be a solution and a business opportunity at the same time, because it responds to the demand for spaces, both by the growth of the vehicle fleet and by the economic development of the cities, and by the regulations that require a certain number of boxes. Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting L.L.C. Temporary parking work can Design, redistribute, improve and adequately build existing facilities (camping and lunch area, parking space, restrooms, wastewater systems, storage center), it will help to improve the offer of tourist and business services in Dubai, increase the economic resources collected, manage adequately the potential environmental impacts and be in a better condition to innovate co-management schemes with the community

Although the worldwide trend is to reduce car use, reality surpasses expectation and each city marches at its own pace.  While local authorities find options for interaction between different modes of transport, real estate and urban infrastructure developers should take the opportunity to be part of the long-term solution. In addition, the habit of assigning drawers in homes and offices reduces the optimization of the space because many times empty or unassigned drawers. Although the vehicle fleet in the country is on the rise, each city is different and the evolution of parking spaces is related to the custom or culture of a place.  Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting L.L.C. Temporary parking work have noticed that there are no multi-family dwellings, they have normal drawers and it is difficult to sell them.

Mixed and Well Planned Temporary Parking Work

The mixed construction facilitates the use of space. A development is based on the costs of the land: if the lot is cheap, building costs more, but if the land is expensive, a building is part of the efficiency. So, if you do only one parking you take advantage of the land and nothing else. The opportunity is to add other components, such as offices, and complement parking with alternative transportation systems, such as spaces for bicycles or motorcycles. There is an emblematic case that was planned as a parking lot and transformed into a shopping center. This is where a plaza was developed and public space was recovered as a green area. Once it was planned as a parking lot, the land was negotiated with the authority to provide the government with the possibility of solving the scarcity of parking in the area.

The Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting L.L.C. architect for a temporary parking work assures that a shopping center can be an anchor for the construction of a public parking lot or vice versa. “This opens the possibility of renting spaces, creating opportunities for small businesses, solving the traffic problem.” The parking of shopping centers, mainly, are long-term investments (10-15 years) that can be leveraged with fibers or loans from financial institutions. They are very convenient for the monthly income and the opportunity for a return on investment in the medium term. The performance once it is operated can go from 20 to 80% of utility. But as the cost of the land was high, we saw that a building could be put in, we added a commercial component, we doubled the need to trade and we helped the traffic that was chaotic, and it worked.

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