Some Knowledge about the Road Work

Quality is a differentiating and recognizable element that is present throughout the production chain: people, processes, materials, etc …, and that we consider essential to ensure our results consistently. Beyond the conception of the project, we are specialists in undertaking all phases of road work construction according to the most demanding requirements of quality, safety, and environmental commitment. Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting welcome you to our company and offer you our services in the field of geo-technics, topography, material analysis, environment, and work control, as well as give all the information that is in our hands to help you and give you better advice.

Tanveer Ahmed Road Work Function

The road work function is to provide our best knowledge to guarantee quality and safety throughout the process of development, project, and execution of work. We have extensive experience in the execution of field work, for conducting surveys, penetrometers, pits, and laboratory tests in the field of quality control of materials, analysis of soil, water, concrete and steel among others. We have a team of experienced professionals: technicians, geologists, and engineers, for the control and supervision of projects and works, as well as machinery and own facilities.

Customized Road Work Solutions

Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting in UAE offers customized solutions for each road work project, based on our own experience and accumulated over the years, taking as a priority the quality of our services. The reason why we join efforts in trying to achieve effective and viable technical solutions!

Road Works Technology

Road works remain at your entire disposal, taking advantage of the occasion to send you a cordial greeting. Developing a road project in digital form implies a reliable and fast three-dimensional resolution, but at the same time versatile, which allows you to anticipate unwanted eventualities. This particular and innovative way of project design ensures that you rethink, inspect and direct your work with absolute certainty and security in all its stages. The topographic survey, the taking of soil samples, the census of the transit and the determination of sub-basins of contribution, provide appropriate information to prepare a safe planning, study the hydraulic operation and create the structural and geometric design of the trace. Also, the virtual resolution of the road, compute the volumes and items involved, facilitates the budget definition of the work.

We have the recognition because we are leaders in the management of its software for Road Projects. The optimization of the use of this tool in combination with state-of-the-art topographic equipment gives us the confidence of leading companies at the national level in the development of projects and control of execution of engineering works. The vital importance of an adequate topographic support network for its linear work has motivated us to develop systems that are more appropriate to current times. Therefore, networks design higher density of fixed point’s geo-referenced by GPS system and flush with systems

We currently, at the request of our clients – provide a comprehensive service; we generate the demanded information for the elaboration of the project and we possess the control capacity during the execution of the work.

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