Earthworks Movement: What it is and How We do it?

We are a company, fast and very competitive in prices, with a capacity of adaptation that allows us to fulfill efficiently with each one of the jobs that they entrust us. Commitment and Quality that has been reflected in an active participation in the construction of the main road infrastructure works developed in the central area of the country, innumerable projects for the improvement of industrial land and later work for the growing industry of small and medium hydroelectric plants. There are many earthworks companies in Dubai that you can hire for your work. Do you need excellent excavation and earth moving services? At us, we work with all safety and quality standards.

UAE Earthwork Company:

At UAE Earthwork Company we prepare the land for excavation, cleaning, and clearing. Before starting the earth moving and after the redevelopment work, we will go to the clearing and clearing stage. In this stage, our action is carried out in the first layer, at the level of the ground surface. We clear obstacles such as bushes, plants, trees, brush or trash that may be found. This task is carried out properly by the earthworks companies in Dubai excavate at a depth not less than 50 cm below the grade of the grading. From the merger of experience, enthusiasm, quality, and service, this company specializes in the movement of land and civil works.


Our Specialties

To provide our services we have an excellent team of people continuously trained and we strive to offer a continuous modernization of technical means through constant investments in machinery and tools as well as a sustained adaptation to the latest technologies in order to achieve in this way the best results and the total satisfaction of our clients. Our specialties inland movement and civil works include works such as:

  • Excavations and demolitions
  • Construction and conditioning of rural roads
  • Foundations with reinforced concrete
  • Reinforced concrete walls manufactured in-situ or prefabricated sandwich type
  • Concrete structure for all types of buildings
  • Transportation
  • Work with the hydraulic hammer
  • Construction and maintenance of rubble landfills
  • Stone walls and breakwaters
  • River clearings
  • Construction of roads

Foundation Work

Once the excavation is carried out according to the method that we need, the foundation work is given way. The foundation consists in preparing the necessary structure to raise the pertinent construction.  Earth movements are tasks that require specialized machinery and qualified companies such as UAE Earthwork Company, come hire us and we assure to offer the best!

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