Ancillary Work

Ancillary Work

What is Ancillary Work?

Construction has become a pillar of the economy and has been an important driver and generator of employment in the country. Engineers, architects, technicians, and personnel with unskilled labor are required in this sector continuously. The majority of construction workers and assistants work full time and perform physically demanding tasks. Some work at great heights or outdoors in all weather conditions. Construction workers have one of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses.

Ancillary Work include a staff fold, shortening of trenches, the lowering of oil and dams etc. Before assembling it will be necessary to obtain permission from the owner of the enclosure, be it private, company, industry or competent public administration of the place where the scaffolding must be erected. Normally the requirements requested in these cases are to be up to date on the obligations in terms of Social Security and Prevention of Occupational Risks, by the assembly company, and to demonstrate it in a documentary manner.

We, Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting L.L.C, in terms of Ancillary Work are a leading company in the UAE, and now we offer you a wide range of fences and other ancillary means for construction. Our extensive experience in providing this service is in addition to a strict quality and environmental management policy that certifies the quality of our equipment. We have to offer you a variety of fences and other ancillary means for the construction of rent, that assure the concretion of your works of fast, simple and economical way. For both small and large-scale projects, we can assist you with our equipment, among others: Construction fences, fences for fencing, billboards for events, aluminum scaffolding, road signs, unloading platforms, struts, iron sheets, signaling beacons, rubble downspouts, mortar bathtubs and much more equipment.

Fences, scaffolding, and Construction aids very close to you

If you reside outside the community but are interested in renting ancillary means for your work or construction. When you think about renting ancillary means of construction, do not play it, trust us: we offer you quality products at a good price. We offer an integral service in quality construction, from the projector initial plan to the delivery of the keys. Our experience supports us as one of the most solvents and fastest growing construction UAE companies in the last four years, in the construction market of Shopping Centers, industrial warehouses, housing developments and residential construction works.

The main specialty of us is undoubtedly the commercial and industrial road construction, where the uniqueness of the works makes them stand out the speed and complexity of the same.  However, he has experience in all types of construction, working to the extent of his clients, from the contracting of simple lots of civil works to the turnkey. To this end, they form a highly qualified team over these years, as a result of the selection and training of the best professionals in the sector.

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