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Leading Provider

Of Construction Solutions

Number #1

in United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • +971 (04) 3530201

Leading Provider

Of Construction Solutions

Number #1

in United Arab Emirates


Company Profile

Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting L.L.C. (TARC) is set up in Dubai since the Year 2006; TRC has voyaged far enough from its beginning time, in order to set up itself as a renowned Construction Contractor of UAE. Presently we are known wherever in UAE through our wellbeing and work Quality. We are the contractors that you may need, always visible and available to your needs and requirements.

Our Expertise

We are a company dedicated to the development of civil works subcontracts in the area of ​​construction, rental of heavy construction and agricultural equipment and the transport of cargo and heavy equipment nationwide. Also, we are a company dedicated to large-scale construction such as roads, bridges, at first Specialized in the field of Road Construction and related straightforward Road Structures.

The enduring and continuous advancement of TARC is a specialized division, and has empowered it to design and execute the ventures to the best fulfillment of the clients, and all the safety, well being, by maintaining the quality benchmarks.

To elevate and make TARC ready to the challenges of the new millennium, the administration has not saved any exertion towards the presentation of new frameworks, instruments, system, and measure identified with the improvement of its capacities. It is coordinated the difficulties of the century to being modernized and organized in its workplaces, or the stores they own.

Quality of Work

The nature of work that is completed by TARC is right now controlled and observed by its own particular quality control office. Besides, all this TARC is stimulating its quality control administration framework, which would empower it to gain ISO confirmation in a brief time span.

List of Companies to Whom we have worked


TRC has extensive experience in the field of road construction and earth moving, road maintenance and rehabilitation, pavement management system, Development and Implementation of Customized Maintenance Management System, Bridge Construction, Infrastructure Construction, Quality Control, Value Engineering, Drainage and Irrigation Systems, Pipeline. Specialization in Installation of safety features like Guard rails, Concrete Barriers, Road sign boards.

What We Do?

  1. We will have the right to receive the agreed remuneration in a timely manner and that the intrinsic value of the same will not be altered or modified during the term of the contract.
  1. Collaborate with the contracting entities in whatever is necessary so that the contracted object is fulfilled and that it is of the best quality; they will abide by the orders that they give them during the development of the contract and, in a general way, they will act with loyalty and good faith in the different contractual stages, avoiding the delays and clashes that may arise.
  1. We will be able to go to the authorities in order to obtain the protection of the rights derived from the contract and the sanction for those who do not know or violate them.
  1. They will guarantee the quality of the goods and services contracted and will respond for it.
  1. We will not accede to petitions or threats from those who act outside the law in order to force them to do or omit any act or fact.

Our Identity

Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting is extraordinary compared to other Contractors Company in the matter of hardware and development work, claimed and keep running by Mr. Tanveer Ahmed, a visionary U.A.E. agent. Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting serves the nearby, local, worldwide market since one year of operation and has picked up the certainty of its clients, accomplices, and partners.

Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting (TARC) is an individual from U.A.E. Contractual workers’ Association with more than 83 representatives who give an extensive variety of administrations through the U.A.E.

(TARC) relies upon the broad experience and bounteous assets of its ventures. These assets incorporate the most recent development hardware and gear and aptitude of our specialized staffs.

Why Hire Us?

To manufacture quality framework ventures for the U.A.E. nations of the district and abroad with a specific end goal to give strong ground to practical development and ceaseless advancement.  To set up and keep up greatness client connection by finishing ventures on time inside planned cost at the best possible determination level.  We accomplish magnificence in the framework development industry as measured by clients’ fulfillment.


Organization Chart

Our passion is in developing infrastructure, our expertise is in Civil Engineering. From startups to Fortune 500s, we consult on Road Constructing and Bridges design for mass projects.


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